Somos una firma de consultoría y corretaje especializada, con la mayor capacidad técnica y operativa en los campos de seguros, fianzas y fondos de inversión.

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Gente Interesse®

Our company privileges the passion to serve others with the highest quality standards.

To be Gente Interesse®, it is required:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree and the interest to continue learning
  • Be interested in all types of Business Risks
  • Participate in internal workshops on technical aspects as well as on administration, collection and claims processes
  • Participate in various executive skills development programs

Account Executives or Analysts, who have completed this ambitious development program, have the ability to advise, solve problems and make wise decisions in the moment of truth.

We have strict management indicators such as service inquiries in case of loss, collection control and response times, which allow us to evaluate the team performance.