Property & Casualty Insurance

We apply consistent risk management methodologies in all our Property & Casualty insured programs designs.

We have contact with the most prestigious insurers in the insurance market, as well as with very strong international reinsurance markets, all of the investment grade.

Our process of analysis and diagnosis includes the application of risk management concepts from the beginning of the process, in particular with topics related to the Identification, Analysis and Control of Risks, in which we propose techniques to optimally manage the risks identified, considering the possibilities of:


  • Removing them
  • Reducing them
  • Segregating them
  • Transferring them (including insured and non-insured mechanisms)
  • Retaining them (including alternative risk financing techniques)
  • Handling them with a combination of the techniques mentioned

  • Our capabilities are not limited to what can be insured. From small and medium-sized companies to large corporations, our experience and knowledge of the business is unique in the industry.