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Automobile Insurance

We have the capabilities to design and implement technological solutions for the management and operation of automobile insurance, being either company vehicles, employees vehicles, as well as for leased or financed units.

The above with a focus on the design of coverages tailored to the needs of the client, the selection of the proper insurance company, the analysis of claims and the design and implementation of actions to contain the claims frequency and future costs of insurance.


Our Internet-based service helps you in providing comparative cost analysis of online quotes, from one and up to five years terms for leasing or financing operations, allowing the selection of the optimum insurance alternative for your units and the immediate issuance of insurance policies, for cars or trucks of less than 3.5 tons in capacity.

The integration of our technological solutions to your administrative systems via web services is a reality today, and for sure, the most efficient way of operating with our service infrastructure, without departing from your current business processes, and all in a comprehensive integrated scheme.