Surety Bonds

We have the knowledge and expertise in securing solutions to provide quality legal and financial advice to our clients, ensuring the correct administration of their guarantees.

The types of products we handle are:


  • Administrative Bail Bonds
    • Advanced payments
    • Fulfillment
    • Quality and Hidden Vices
    • Conventional penalties
  • Labor contingencies
  • Tax Relief
  • Loyalty Bonds
  • Lease Bonds
  • Guaranteed Flow Bonds
  • Credit Guarantees

We work with the most prestigious surety companies in the market.

As service oriented consultants, we understand the main needs or our clients, that is why our “Surety Solutions” solve the following issues:


  • Consulting for the issuance of surety bonds
  • Analysis of contracts and coverage
  • Opening or securing surety credit lines
  • Implementation of global provider programs
  • Review of responsibilities
  • Alternative modeling of guarantees
  • Legal advice in case of claims
  • Training and communication

We offer financial and legal advice to maximize the financial solvency of our clients, which allows us to obtain the best “Surety Solution” according to each business profile and needs.

We take care of the interests of our clients, carrying out an analysis of their contractual obligations.

Thanks to a solid surety experience and one of the most important portfolios of the market, we have facilities from the main surety companies to issue surety bonds right from our offices.

We are the creators of the concept of the “Bond for Large Beneficiaries”, which aims to adequately and reliably guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations acquired by contracts for all contractors and suppliers of goods and services.

This program offers incredible benefits for the control and recovery of claims at preferential costs.

To ensure the efficiency of each guaranteed credit line, we follow up on the cancellation of obligations, allowing the release of contracted liabilities, resulting in better ratings for the issuance of new bonds.

We know that the finances of our customers are dynamic, so our solution offers options of alternative guarantees to optimize the value of your economic solvency.

We accompany our clients in all legal proceedings in the event of a claim, taking care of their assets.

  • We train our personnel with the purpose of improving the processes and response times for the issuance of bonds.