Financed & Leased Assets Insurance

We are experts in the insurance of leased and financed assets.

We are the creators of multi-year insurance schemes in Mexico, which we complement with optimum operational and administrative tools, such as our inhouse-developed, internet-based technological platforms based on internet and developed in-house, which allow us to perform online quotations and immediate policy issuance, for the various types of coverages required for most types of assets and for all specific needs.

Whether it’s furniture and office contents, heavy machinery, production machinery, contractor’s equipment or electronic equipment, our products have critical features that make them unique such as:


  • Monthly rent payment, while equipment is being repaired
  • Fast track claims processing with minimum documentation
  • GAP insurance for cases of total losses
  • Fixed country-wide insurance rates by asset type, including catastrophic coverages (earthquake and meteorological phenomena)
  • Sums insured at invoice value in pesos or dollars, during the first three years of the lease or financing period
  • Revenue generation for business referrals
  • … and endless benefits for your business and your customers

Our technological platforms allow the quotation and generation of online multi-year policies for any type of asset and the possibility of issuing them with annual or up-front payments, linking them to each lease or financing contract operated, for its correct management.


These platforms also allow the control of external insurance (those insurance policies that your clients have issued on their behalf to cover leased or financed assets) and the review of these documents to ensure that they have been issued under appropriate coverage conditions.

  • We are knowledgeable in the lease or asset financing processes. We know your business and can certainly help you.