Keys that Allow us to Close a Business on the First Date


Insurance brokerage is unlikely to close a business after talking to people you didn’t know for a couple of hours, but in Interesse this has happened to us several times in the past two years.

We were able to win business immediately after the first meeting with the following landlords:

  • Active Leasing
  • Alloy Merchant Finance
  • Arrendadora Invex
  • Cofine
  • Alpha Leasing

This is the result of six critical factors, among them:

  1. Designing the right products
  2. Thorough knowledge of the leasing business and its needs
  3. Achievement of important alliances with insurance companies that offer a comprehensive solution for our clients
  4. Selection of a niche market that is under-exploited by our competitors
  5. Developing technology that puts us at the forefront in terms of efficiency and response times
  6. Have trained staff that provides impeccable customer service

This set of factors is so important that its effects in terms of aggregate values are overwhelming. The above mentioned clients listened to our business proposition before designating us as their insurance brokers. You could feel the anxiety on their faces, to start working together.

Having a comprehensive servicing scheme with the right markets, prospects, products, processes, alliances and people is undoubtedly the basis of our success.

  • The challenge after having generated that first “excellent” impression, is to confirm that they did not make mistakes and to maintain that image every day with our collaborators and clients, which not only facilitates our work, but also ensures the permanence in the portfolio.